Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Syracuse Slowdown Blowdown Snowdown Lowdown Showdown

This Saturday was the Snowdown, a project of the Public Arts Task Force.
Calvin, in his infinite 7-year-old wisdom called it a slowdown, blow-down, showdown.  It was a Lipe Art Park on the near west side across the way from the Delevan Gallery and a place where many local artists have installed work.

The creativity of the ring leaders of this group continues to astonish me. There was a good turn out for the event and the snow sculptures were very impressive considering that, except for Dave Greene, a Syracuse Resident known well on Allen Street for his impressive snow-structures and arches, the participants didn't have  much experience sculpting snow.

There were plenty of shovels and with a little encouragement, a wide-variety of forms emerged from the snow: boats, monters, snow-bots, hands, a beach scene, and the "spirit of Syraucse (see below).

This is Brendan's snow bot.  He's now officially the Syracuse Artist in Residence. 
 And this is Mark, the official fire master--who would make a god hobo according to the crowd of people huddled around his very competent and well hidden from the street fire pit. He can--think it's the red coat--make anything burn.
 This is Johnathan and his dad, who sculpted some impressive snow monsters.

The hand, with thumb-up optimism. It has become part of the city's vernacular: "Upstate is for Optimists." How else could you deal with this much snow?

Here's my favorite sculpture from the day's festive and friendly competition:

                               The Spirit of Syracuse:

And meet the makers Margaret and Louis from the Northside of our fair City. They were very gracious and endearing winners.