Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lower 9th

After finishing up at the Tire Shop with some pictures of Gladdy and her grandson, I made a short visit to the lower ninth ward to see how things were at the Lower 9th Ward Village.  Mac has continued to draw volunteer groups from all over the country.  He's painted his message and vision out on the front of the place.  He still envisions bringing more of the former neighborhood residents home from all the places they have scattered.  I talked to people who were just getting their insurance settlements and getting ready to rebuild. Many houses remain boarded up. There's still not much more than the orange store and a gas station on the main street, although some people are growing vegetables and keeping chickens for eggs and such like.  The gaps that need filling are still bigger than I can get my  head or heart around.   With characters like these, though it's hard to lose hope.