Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in New Orleans

I'm back in New Orleans now and spent my first full day out looking for the people I photographed. I found some and started giving back the photos I took. And, of course, one things leads to another. Before I knew it I was taking more. The highlights of the day were a driving tour with Allen Kimball who took me through parts of the lower 9th and showed me places like Fats Domino's house, and then the Treme. He introduced me to Sandos (not Santos) who goes by the name Sam, a former Marine in Veitnam who told the story of his house being hit by the wall of water when the levee broke. He was caught in the attick and part of his face was torn off.  With his his mouth and his hands he said, " I'll never forget those two nail."

I also met with Joseph (not Joe) Peters at St. Claude Tire. I got the official poster from the joint and I have a date to go back and take more pictures of him and the people who work and spend time there. And I made a date with Jermica, the girl who went out shooting with me in April, to go back out in the Lower 9th and take more. I'm going to keep plenty busy. I need a recipe for making time multiply like rabbits. Any suggestions other than black magic?

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