Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nancy Had Words For Me

Nancy believes in words. They come to her from God. For me she had a few words. She told me I would make movies. She said I would help people with their costumes. There was a path for me and I was bound to reach it's end.

She asked her friend to give me words too and he said," Peace, Love, Understanding."  Her latest project is the umbrella, which she says is part of god's plan for her. She mentioned that she's missing some teeth, but doesn't want them replaced, not with those ones that all look the same, that aren't crooked. She doesn't need them, she says, not all god's people have teeth, so why should she?

I've seen her on Salina Street before. Today, I was moving slow, on only a handful of sleep, but I caught her and we had fun swapping words and stories.  Someday, I want a costume and to give people words, peace, love, and understanding.

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