Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hopes, Fears, Dreams, Connection

Back in New Orleans for the first time in a year, I found being alone on the streets talking to people got me out of the stress of life as a resident at the hospital. It was good to be away from the cold academic sphere, to hear unpredictable bursts of music from every street corner and restaurant. I visited Joe Peters and got one of the young men working there to take our picture together. Mr Peters always inspires me with his commentary on life, relationships, kids, dogs, work, place, community. I talked to him about having a show someday at the tire shop and he surprised me by saying he would be agreeable to such a venture. Sometimes, I still think of walking away from the stress of medical training, but I know that I there is something that I get out of the demands of my professional training that keeps me going even though it squeezes me until I feel I'm going to pop. It gives me something to fight against. Don't we all need a good fight?

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