Friday, July 2, 2010

Fernwood and Fage

I was looking for the artist from Jamaica who wanted me to take pictures of his paintings. I found him on Fernwood and met some of his friends. I took snapshots of the paintings and he shared his music with me. His son was playing with pictures on a device I didn't recognize, distorting them like circus mirrors can. I got what seemed was a Jamaican serenade in real time.

Then I went over to Fage St and met some kids who wanted me to take their pictures. It was a riot. I love how many kids are on the streets here. It reminds me of my childhood in Mexico. It's a mob of kids, their bikes, their waterguns, their porch dinners, their parents on cell phones. There's dogs and cousins and home-made pies going back and forth. There's a buzz on the street. I got asked who I was and waht I was doing. All the kids wanted my card. They all wanted their pictures taken. No one would get out of anyone's way.  I bargained hard with some to take turns. Some kids pushed. One kid cried.  In the end no one got hurt.

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