Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I pulled over today and talked to this woman who was dancing on a table in the park. She was dancing sitting down on top of the table. The music was from a small hand held tape player. She kept waving her arms, and bounced up and down on the table, completely ecstatic in what turned out to be a country music reverie. I like country too, I told her and she laughed, and then so did I. You happy? I asked the obvious. Yeah, she said, waving her arms up and down some more, and bounced  on her bottom so that the table seemed to jump up and down, along with the grocery bags. She agreed to the photo session with another peal of laughter. I sat with her for a while after I was done and we talked about how contageous happiness was and laughed together for five minutes. just sitting there in the city park the sun setting behind us her arms a blurr of Siva, her ears ringing like Hare Krishna.

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