Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Friends and Family Photo Day at the Lodi Laundry

On Sunday, September 19, 2010 I held the first free photography day at the Lodi Laudrymat where the owner "Xai" and her husband let me set up my computer and printer on one of the counters for folding laundry.   The first few people I offered to take pictures of declined, either because they didn't want one, or it was against their religion, or their mother was there and it was against her's. But after the first picture got printed, it was hard to fit everyone in that wanted one in the time I had set aside. I promised the people that I turned away that I'd come back and  set up another time.

I love this work/play, which is perhaps the "work of fiction" I've chosen to live. Here's a quote from Dimitri Orlov to put that sentence in context:

"Don't hope, don't wish, don't dream, but do write your own fiction
and use it to create a present that works for you. Invent places for
yourself and for those you care about in your stories about the
future, and then go ahead and live in them.You don't have to settle
for anyone else's “B”-rated nonsense. And don't let anyone tell you
that you are crazy or that you are living in a dream. It's not a
dream, dammit, it's a work of fiction!"

And here are a few pictures from the day. I'm holding back on the ones of kids until I talk to the parents.

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