Monday, September 27, 2010

Invited in

I stopped to visit a Somali family that I know and find out how they were dealing with an ongoing altercation with their Vietnamese landlord who was upset about all the stuff that was getting thrown into the yard and she drove me a few blocks away to meet two families that wanted their pictures taken. For all I know they didn't really want me, but were coerced by her into letting me take them. I suspect that only because of how stern one of the father's was. It was interesting to get inside these family's houses. The fire alarms were missing in one of the attic apartments which worried me. The bases were there, but not the main device. No doubt the chirping noise of the low batteries, which I notice in just about every house I've entered on the north side, was driving them insane. I did take 9v to one family that I visit regularly and replaced them, but haven't yet gotten in the habit of keeping a few in the car.

The first family had a mother of a new baby.
 The second family had amazing patterned fabric on the walls that made me think of Vuillard paintings while I was taking the pictures. The head dresses on the girls in all reds, oranges and browns were a particularly stunning contrast.

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