Saturday, April 16, 2011

Leamae Katrina at Whiz Burgers

At the end of the day of walking through the mission district and chasing the pink bag, I was parched and  stopped at the Whiz Burger joint next to a old church, old for California anyway. And there, sitting at one of the picnic tables was Leamae Katrina.    He was patiently sorting out a few of his clothes, picking some lint from a sweater.

I fell into conversation with him, first asking if he'd gotten sun burned, then where he was from then where he'd gotten those blue eyes of his.

Beat up.
California, forever.
Eyes from the sky, like bird eggs.
Found playing marbles,  picked them up. 

Then, the ask: Can I take your picture?
Sure, sent it general delivery: Poste Restante,  San Francisco.

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