Friday, March 26, 2010

The Gorilla Bus Shelter at Westmoreland and Fayette

Today I walked with Brendan Rose to visit the bus shelter he built at an intersection that is known for it's high crime and drug activity. It's very cleverly built into the side of an abandoned building with a half completed mural depicting health care professionals and children, a reference to the community health center across the street from the shelter. The mural looks like it got half done before the weather changed for the worse. I'm not sure if it will be completed this year, or if the project petered out. Brendan and I talked about completing at least the portion that is framed by the shelter. I like the idea of taking public improvement projects into our own hands where possible. The materials are simple, relatively inexpensive and durable. It's also beautiful--no small feat. I was talking to someone else today about the importance of beauty. It's scarce in our inner cities. Bravo!

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