Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kids Everywhere

I often wonder what it's like for kids to grow up in neighborhoods so full of abandoned buildings. Do they wonder what's in store for them.There's one family I've talked to a lot about their picnic table business. They build them in the lot next to their house, which is now empty. One day last summer I was walking by and the kids were riding this moped that their father got, a real good deal he told me. They took turns tearing around the yard.

They gave me permission to take pictures. I just hung out for half an hour. The kids paid me no mind at all, which made me feel downright at home. When I went back to get permission from the parents to post these photographs on the web it was winter and I had to knock on the door of their two-family house. I realized I didn't know their names, even though I'd been by a few times and talked to them about the neighborhood. The parents and grandparents of these kids were always telling me to watch myself. They were happy to let me post these. I've printed off copies to give them. They are in my car and ready to drop off next time I go over.

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