Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Night In New Orleans

Music was not hard to find even at the hour I got to my lodging. It was so muggy that my camera fogged up like a pair of swimming goggles. The architecture is stunning and it will be interesting to see the color that daylight adds to my first impression. Already I see that the ceilings and windows are taller and higher than in the north. The city is pre standardization. There are tiny little houses next to grand ones. The houses nearly kiss. There's no room between them, except occasionally when there's a stretch long enough to put a garden and it looks like something must have come down.

I'm not really sure where I am yet relative to downtown, the French Quarter, the 9th Ward, but the music from a baby grand that poured out at 1:30 am suggested there are artists in this neighborhood. Standing in the middle of the street trying to take a picture of the rolling clouds, I met AJ, a jazz pianist, and Phar, a filmaker. Despite the occasional car roaring by in the middle of 30 second exposures, I managed a few night shots. AJ indulged me with a few tunes with titles like Stay Stupid. I thought, o.k., not hard for me, standing here in the entryway of a shotgun house listening to jazz instead of going to bed like a reasonable person.

Tomorrow, I'll get a more sober introduction to the neighborhood, but a slightly whoozy, jazzy intro was a nice start given how tired I was myself by the time I arrived. Here are the first pictures from New Orleans:

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