Thursday, April 8, 2010

The People

By the end of the day I got up my nerve and started talking to people. I was afraid of my accent, which believe me, I can hear down here. Last night when I picked up my rental car the guy renting to me said that listening to me, he could hear his southern twang. I told him that I could hear myself too, that we were mirrors to eachother. I wondered if that mirror would get in the way of conversation, if I'd be able to start off on this new turf where I'd left off in Syracuse. The day wore on and the sun rose high above so that the shadows shortened and I started to feel my skin burn, so went into the shade, and stood still long enough to start having to explain my presence. Before I knew it, I was asking and answering questions. I am from the Salt City I said, here to find out what's the same and what's different. You watch yourself and your camera they said. Don't got into the back streets. We are not tolerated so we group together here under the BEAD sign. Everyday.

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