Sunday, April 4, 2010

Permission to Post Pictures

This week the weather has been nice and I've had time to go back and deliver the photos that I've had printed. In the process I've also gotten permission to post the following pictures to this site. As I've mentioned before I think it's important to make sure people are comfortable with their pictures being out there. Today was particularly fun because it was Easter and there were a lot of people dressed up and coming home from church. When I delivered the following picture, the family was really thrilled to have it. They asked me to take more pictures of them as a family at their house. More to follow.

These young kids also liked their picture. Some of their friends, who were not so interested on the day that I took it were willing to let me today. They helped me to find the right house to deliver the picture. Every day I go out I've gotten more comfortable with asking. Having something to give them in return makes it feel like an exchange.

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