Thursday, April 1, 2010

Number 115

This house is one I've explored several times. It's been boarded up more securely now so I can't get in the back door any more. They have even removed the back staircase. It's a really old house, with an attached outhouse. I love this house, the arched windows, the woodwork, the angles of the walls. It has some 45 degree angles that I suspect improved the light. At some point it was converted to four apartments, at least if you can trust the number of electric meters on the side. . It's really gone now, beyond repair. I was hoping to get into it one last time. From the outside I can see the things I photographed last year. The white plastic chair, the yellow curtain, the spilled bag of white beans. I guess even hungry squirrels can find something more appetizing to eat than old white beans.

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